Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Birthday, part 2

Just thought I'd add some pictures from our festivities tonight. We had a fun time eating pizza with Grandpa at the Nutcracker. They give your entire party, a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone, if you sign up for their birthday club. Genna thoroughly enjoyed her chocolate ice cream. Thank goodness for Spray & Wash!! She loved her presents. The only thing she wasn't too crazy about was the pink and purple dress, which I suspected might be the case. But, I couldn't leave it at Target, it was only $3. Besides, I know she will wear the white shirt that came with it. After Genna tried all her new toys out, we went upstairs and she blew out her candles. We were all too stuffed to actually eat any cake tonight- maybe we will have a Bill Cosby breakfast tomorrow. Ok, that really doesn't sound good to me. Does cake freeze? Anyway, after blowing out the candles, Grandpa headed home and we all got our jammies on and watched Curious George. It was a cute movie, although Jameson and I were the only ones who made it to the end of it. Well, it has been a long, but fun day. I better get my rest for another big day tomorrow! Posted by Picasa

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Look how adorable she is! Any time you want to get rid of her, send her my way!