Monday, November 13, 2006

Male Bonding and other adventures

Every year in November, Troy, his brothers and Dad go pheasant hunting out in Western Nebraska. I think this is about the 7th or 8th year they've gone. The boys were thrilled to learn that this was the year that they were going to be able to go along. The night before they left Troy was going over with them some of the things they should pack, he told them to make sure and get their golf clubs ready. Jameson was surprised to learn that they went golfing during their hunting trip. Now you have to understand, Troy is not a hunter. He doesn't own a gun- he borrows one every year he goes. And in the 7 or 8 years that they have been hunting, they have not managed to shoot one bird. Well, I guess his brother Todd shot one but they couldn't find it and Orin, his sister's husband, got a quail a few years ago. They have managed to get at least one round of golf in every year. So I asked Troy why they didn't call it a golfing trip instead of a hunting trip. He said it sounded much more manly to say you were going out to try and shoot things. Silly guy! Connor was so excited to call me on Saturday night and tell me that Dad actually got a bird this year and he got to carry it back to the truck. It was a pretty exciting weekend for all my boys but Genna and I are both very glad that they are home! Posted by Picasa

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