Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Closet Made Over, My Way

I really enjoy the shows where they fix up a house, remix a room, or give someone a makeover. For me it's all about the before and after. Knowing how someone or something looked before a journey to something different and hopefully better. I know this may sound pretty dramatic when all I really did was clean up my closet- but hey, I had to have something to blog about, right?

Anyhoo, the second set of pictures are my BEFORE (still figuring out this new blog). I have a nasty habit of taking something off and if a hanger is not readily in sight, just laying it on the shelf. My shoe area is a mess b/c 1)currently both summer and winter shoes are out and 2)I get lazy and don't fit the ones that go on the shoe rack, back where they belong. I won't throw any stones Troy's way because my side definitely rivaled his side as far as messiness goes.

So this was today's project. I figured it might take me a couple of hours to get it all taken out, organized and put back together. Well, it ended up taking about 8. Of course, it didn't help that while working I was watching show after show on my favorite HGTV of the previously aforementioned makeover shows.

Despite the long day of watching, I mean working, I finally finished. I know it isn't as pretty as the reveals on TV, but this project came in right on budget- FREE. I did try to move things around a bit. I color coded the hanging clothing as well, as changing our every day wear from the top racks to the bottom. Neither Troy or I have a dresser in our bedroom and so everything,except our undergarments(we store these in the bathroom) goes into the closet. Now I know it would have looked more like one of those shows if I had went out and purchased matching bins and moved some of the things we store in our closet out- but this is real life, folks! Besides clothing and shoes, on my side I store purses, school supplies, seasonal items- including our swim towels and beach bag, as well as gift items. Troy's side has shoe care, back braces, a little hunting paraphenelia and his briefcase for church.

I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my latest project. I have many more projects like this to tackle all over my house. The pantry and my food storage are one of the next tasks on the list, as I am going to attempt the OAMC thing at the end of November. I know being organized will be key to making that endeavor a success. So if you don't mind, I will probably track my progress, as I attempt to get my house made over, my way. Posted by Picasa

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Heather M. said...

Nice job, KB! I am so unmotivated when it comes to my closets, cupboards, etc. Plus, I am too tired to deal with anything! Hope the rest of your house makeover goes just as well!