Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Genna's birthday

My baby is 4 years old today, I can hardly believe it. Here is the birthday cake I made for her. I know it is not a professional job, but I think it will still taste yummy and she will be able to play with the action figures when she is done. Genna helped me put them on. Dora didn't want to stand up, so we decided she was going to be sliding down.

Next is last night's attempt at a cake. I put the cake in and sat down at the computer to finally relax for the day. I completely forgot all about it and it was in the oven about an hour longer than it was supposed to be. Amazingly, it wasn't burnt when I finally remembered it. It was a bit dry on the top and so it will be a trifle for next week's Ward Christmas party. I think I might try and crush some peppermint candies and use chocoalte pudding and whipped topping.

And finally it was 65 degrees here today without any wind. The kids had a half day of school and so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves outside this afternoon. The boys played football, Genna rode her bike, I finally got the tent that has been hanging in the garage for a month put away. It was all good.

Tonight we are celebrating by going out to eat with Grandpa Bennett, coming home and having cake and watching Curious George. I hope it will be the end to a perfect day for my sweet little girl!
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Holly said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Genna!! Hope your day was fun!! Love the cake, Kristi!

The Lazy Organizer said...

That cake is adorable and so is Genna! It's such a great idea to put the toys on the cake. I might have to do that this year. I have all three birthdays coming up in the next couple months.

I guess I did something similar one year. It was a Mike cake from Monsters Inc. I made a round cake, frosted it green to match a monster toy that came apart. I put a white snowball cupcake in the middle for an eyeball and then stuck the toy arms and legs in the sides. It turned out really cute!

Happy Birthday!