Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Family Organzier

I have been doing a lot of online research on organizing lately. Ok, so I've actually been reading a lot of great blogs. and are two I have gotten a ton of good ideas from. Anyway, I think on Lara's site, I read about getting all the paper clutter off your fridge and into a binder. So that is what I worked on today. I used some old scrapbook paper and a bunch of page protectors. My catergories are: Calendar, Phone Numbers, School Stuff, Scout Stuff, Church Stuff, Finances and Meal Planning. I am really excited to be able to corral all these loose papers into one place. Right now a lot of them get put on the fridge until something else gets put on top of it or it falls down between the crack of the fridge and the cupboard. I print out a lot of recipes to use and so that in and of itself is another organizing project. But for now, I can at least throw in that page protector, the recipes I print out for the menu the week.

Another thing I did today and I didn't take a picture of was to make a lunch center in my fridge. I bought a cheap white mesh baskety type thing at Dollar General today and put it in the fridge. I filled it with carrots and celery that I put into baggies, cheese from a big block that I cut up and also put in baggies, apples and some pudding that I made up the other day. We struggle constantly with getting our boys to make their lunch and so I am hoping this will make it a little easier. The pantry- another organizing project, will also get a lunch bin like this with baggies, peanut butter, crackers, etc. I can't remember what site I found this great idea at, but thank you to whoever it was! Posted by Picasa


Kassie said...

Kristi-cool binder. I have one that I made when trying to do Flylady, but it was not cute, only semi-functional. Makes me want to revamp it a bit.
I think I read about those lunch basket ideas on Aby Garvey's blog. I keep all my lunch making stuff on the same shelf, but it would be nice to reach in and grap only one thing(basket) and get it all. I need to put some of these ideas to work. Need to visit my friendly neighborhood dollar store.
Your Closet looks great BTW. Feels good, huh?

The Lazy Organizer said...

Kristi, I'm so impressed! How does the front of your refrigerator look now? Clean???

Thanks for the link!

Jenn said...

Just a thought on the has some great ideas and forms etc for a household notebook. I especially like their babysitter info form, which I keep filled out and in the front of my binder. It has all the regular info like phone numbers etc, but also things like "directions to this address" and "this address" (a babysitter might not remember the street address, especially in an emergency)

My household notebook is looking pretty cluttery-Maybe your cute one will inspire me to work on it!