Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31

I know I should have stayed home today. There were dishes to be done, dresser drawers itching to be organized. But I didn't. I decided those things can be done on a Monday or a Tuesday, days when I can't go to any garage sales.

There is something so rewarding about digging through somebody else's junk and finding a treasure.

Here are some of my favorite things I found today:

Vintage cup- 25¢ (our hot chocolate cup selection is paltry at best right now)

6 frames- 25¢ a piece These will be perfect to do this:

(sorry I can't remember where I saved this photo from. I'll post the info when I find it again)

Frames & shutters- $2.50 for all (I am spray painting the shutters black for my scrapbook room)

Funky white bowl- Free (from the basement of the duplex Troy is fixing up)

Chair for our desk area in the kitchen- $2.00 (need to recover the seat)

I got all before I had to pick Genna up from preschool at 11:30. We then went to Nebraska City to scout out some sales there. I was very disappointed to find only 1 sale in a town of 6,000. The trip was not in vain, however, driving to find the one sale, I drove by this:

with a free sign on it. I scooped it right up! We have a classroom setting for our roadshow coming up in October, so this will be perfect. Plus Connor already claimed it for his room.

So it was a great day of garage sale-ing. The sad thing was that Genna was not feeling well once I picked her up from school. She fell asleep on the way to Nebraska City, which was my first clue. She woke up coughing and with a fever. We ended up in the ER tonight because, she just couldn't get her breathing under control. The Dr. said she was so surprised she wasn't complaining of her ear hurting because it was pretty infected. She ended up getting sick all over her clothes at the hospital and so they sent her home in this cute little hospital gown. She also got a little "Fluffy Bear" for being such a trooper. She has yet to be able to keep any medicine down. But thankfully she is sleeping pretty sound right now.

Trip to the ER, $$$$$$


Amber said...

Oh, Kristi, I'm sorry about Genna. I hope she is doing better today. LOVED all your treasures!

Freer Family said...

Awesome finds. I like the shutter idea. And the free desk is too cool.