Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fair Fun

August is County Fair time for our family. Troy has a booth for his business at 4 different fairs. My sister in law, Michelle and I split up the daytime shifts, since the guys still need to install and make money even though the fair is going on. Working the booth is usually hot and sticky and a little boring. But to the kids, the fair is a magical place and they can't get enough of it.

Last night our own county fair, which takes place right down the road from our house, finished up. I was sad to have this year's fair come and go with out my camera. I accidently left my battery charger in the condo where we stayed in Utah and they are supposedly sending it to me. This fair ranks #1 of the 4 we enter because of several reasons: a)it's right down the road, which means we see more of Troy b)the kids get to ride rides and hang out with their friends who are also at the fair and c) we have a lot of fun entering items in the open class catergories.

A few highlights from this year's fair: Genna got brave and rode the "Sizzler" with our next door neighbor's and LOVED it. Jameson won a huge, 3 foot basketball. I was so proud of Connor when he volunteered to help out at the 4-H food stand. There was no promise of pay or free food. This was a huge thing for my work challenged 9 year old.

This year here is how we "faired" in open class:

Genna- $9.50
Connor- $9.00
Jameson- $24.50 + a $10 gift certificate for the pizza place in town for the best child's hanging art
Kristi- $48.00 + $10 cash for the best theme photography "school days"

Here are a few other photos I entered this year:

It is always a bittersweet thing to have this fair come to an end. It also means school is right around the corner. And even though we did our school shopping and are ready to get back into a real routine, it is always sad to say goodbye to the summer.


Erica said...

KB- Your photography is awesome! My favorite is the one that looks like it's maybe the ceiling of a building? That's really cool.

amber said...


LOVE the photo of Troy and Genna...melts my heart. Can't wait to do the fair with you guys next year!

Heather M. said...

The end of summer always IS a sad thing! But back to school can be fun too!