Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inspired to Create

It was a crazy, busy spring and summer. The only thing "me" thing I did during that time was working out every day. Then the fair rolled around and the kids went back to school. Now all the sudden, I want to do and make everything. I have a long list of ways I want to get organized after neglecting my house for such a long time running here and there.

I want to make cards, I want to scrapbook, I want to go thrift shopping for fun vintage finds and now suddenly I want to make stuffed animals? In a million years I wouldn't have guessed that I would have that desire. We really aren't stuffed animal people around here. But there are some adorable handmade softies who have such charm and personality.

Here's the story: With the return to a more normal routine, I began blogging again. I hadn't even been opening my bloglines because there were too many to read during the summertime. But I finally just marked read on the 1,740 feeds and having been trying to just catch up on some of my favorites. Well, eventually that led to finding some really fun new blogs and hence a crazy desire to get out of my comfort zone and create more than just with paper.

So here are a few blogs that are totally inspiring me these days:

Wee Wonderfuls
Check out this cute little guy that she designed the pattern for.

This One Girl makes fun stuff too.

This blog has awesome pictures and is just inspiring all around. I love her creating space for her kids.

I used to think felt was only used by an older generation to craft with. Check out what this gal does with it. Adorable!! She has an Etsy shop where you can purchase her felt creations.

This one has a lot of fun art projects for you to do with your kids. It inspired us to do some painting today.

While Genna was painting, I organized the art supplies that previously lived and overflowed from a basket on top of the fridge. Now they are in the pull out drawer of the desk in the kitchen. Much easier access here and now the top of my fridge won't look so cluttered.

There are a half a dozen more cool blogs that I found through looking at pictures on Flickr of handmade items. I'll share those another time. I am just so impressed by these women, many of whom are moms that create beautiful items while taking care of their families.

That is my hope, that I can channel my creativity and make something that will brighten someone's day.


Amber said...

I ordered a bunch of new stitchery patterns after we visited...including the "springtime" one we are missing. Can't wait to get together again and share!! That turtle makes me giggle!

Andrea said...

Very cute stuff. You'll have to show us what you create.

Freer Family said...

Thanks for all of the fun blog links. Those softies are the cutest I can totally see why you would want to make them. Can I put in a request for a little owl, lol, I'm kidding. Can't wait to see your creations!!!