Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catching Up- Mega Post

Just wanted to catch up on the past couple of weeks. I am sorry I haven't really posted for a few weeks. I'll try and share what's been keeping me busy...

A few more of my craft show projects:

Now look at Jen & Amber's cute stuff.

It was a madhouse at the craft show and their booth was no exception.

We went and saw Brad Paisley- a concert Troy has been wanting to go to for several years. I don't really love country music- but it was a great concert. Very entertaining. Plus I could sing a long for most of the songs- when Troy does dishes or makes breakfast- he always gets out his Brad Paisley CD's.

Our sorority's annual shoppping trip. Our shirts say "sisters out shopping". It was funny how many people thought we were all actually related.

That brings us up to last week-

We had our first real snowfall- it's just too bad we got the bulk of it when I was traveling to and from Amber's house. It wasn't much fun to drive in.

But the effects of it were beautiful.

Genna turned 5 years old on the 22nd. I can't believe how much she has grown up this past year. She is so into coloring and writing these days. She has a very long attention span and will spend hours working on her artwork. We celebrated her birthday Wednesday night. We went to Godfather's for dinner and ice cream and then home for presents and a movie of her choice.

Then Thursday was Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time over at Troy's sister's house. I had to bring rolls and green been casserole. Of course, we all ate too much, but we had a great time playing games and just being together.

Friday we to Kansas to visit my sister, Lorilee. Her daughter Ashlyn Sofia was born on the 15th and we couldn't wait to meet her. She is an incredibly sweet baby. We had such a fun visit. I am so disappointed my camera battery was dying and so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.

Yesterday, we had Genna's first friends birthday party. Genna loves to draw rainbows and so it was a perfect theme for her party. She had 5 little friends come and it was a blast!

Phew! Sorry for the monster post- it really has been a couple of busy weeks. Not pictured were 2 primary programs, another chest x-ray- thankfully no pneumonia this time, a cub scout presentation on shadow puppets, and me getting utterly and completely engrossed in the Twilight series.

Yep, I think that's it! We did actually get the house decorated for FHE last night, but I'll share those pictures another day!


Erica said...

Ooooh KB your blog looks pretty! How did you do it? It's about time you read Twilight!

Amber said...

LOVE it! Glad to see all the fun pictures and so glad we got to spend part of yesterday with you and Genna.


Freer Family said...

Fun post!!!
I love all of the crafty stuff. The snowmen you made are totally adorable. Is there a way I can get my hands on those wooden snowman candle holders?
Happy Bday to Genna! I love the rainbow cake, you are just too too clever. I can't believe she is 5! Time flies!
The snow looks awfully freeezing, but festive.
Glad you are loving Twilight! They are fun books!

Heather M. said...

Genna is 5!?!?! She was just born, I swear! I love to read about all the things you are doing!