Monday, November 05, 2007


I just hate it when my kids are sick. Ok, so I don't know of very many mothers who enjoy watching their children suffer, but you know what I mean. To watch your child who is usually so full of sugar and spice, lie around all day, is troubling to say the least.

Genna's fever spiked up to 104.6 early this morning and then I really started getting scared. Thankfully, it was right around that time, that she finally agreed to take some medicine. It did help to take down her temperature. And she has been great about taking the medicine since then.

This afternoon while she was resting I decided to make her Dora doll some pajamas, so that she would be more comfortable hanging out with Genna in bed.

We're hoping for a good night's rest and a better day tomorrow!


Freer Family said...

Fevers that high are so scary! Yikes! I hope Genna is on the mend soon. You are an amazing mommy to whip out some new jammies for Dora.

Andrea said...

such cute pj's. what a great talent to just make something like that.
hope all is better soon.