Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Lists

I'm not talking about a wish list, but a list of all the things I'd like to make happen this Christmas season. I am refusing to get stressed and anxious this year. Ok, so I really didn't do so well on the no stressing part when we were decorating the Christmas tree- but I am really trying hard to go with the flow more. I want it to be a memorable, magical time, not one where the kids remember how crabby and grouchy their Mom was.

Anyway here's part of my to do list:

Take Pictures for Christmas card- done
(Argh!! I just looked at the ones I picked up from Walmart and they have a yellowish cast to them! This happened to me last year, too. Maybe I will learn to check them before I leave the store.)

Here are the outtakes:

Christmas Card Letter

Address Christmas Cards & Mail

Shopping- About 55% done

Neighbor Gifts- I am going to do a stack of spritz cookies roller Christmas cracker style in cellophane, tied off with ribbons. I bought the cellophane today.

Teacher Gifts- these are 1/2 done. I need to make some sort of mix or buy some candy to fill the teacher mugs I got on clearance last year.

Finish Genna's I spy bag and make another one for my nephew. I keep forgetting to buy the self laminating stuff when I am at Walmart.

Make Christmas pj's for the kids

I really wanted to make an advent something or other this year. I still might try to get something done for the 12 days before Christmas. I have seen lots of cute little stockings, like this one. We shall see what I get done.

Scrapbook last year's Christmas pictures.

I recently heard about a neat tradition where a family served one another. After completing their act of kindness, they would leave a wooden star on the pillow of the recipient. Then they would know it was their turn to serve someone else. We did this growing up, only we had 3X5 cards saying that the Christmas pixie had been there. I am thinking this would be a good thing to introduce at next week's FHE.

Go up to the Mormon Trail Center and see the Gingerbread House display.

Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

Ok, what do you think, can I get it all done without going crazy? I hope so!

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Andrea said...

great list. I think you can do it. Love those stockings- so cute. Good luck going with the flow.
I love your blog!!