Thursday, March 06, 2008


Popcorn that doesn't come from the microwave...

A favorite game that takes me back in time to my Grandma Koski's house...

This peanut butter granola recipe- thanks again, Tammy! It is a big hit.

Homemade tortillas with melted pepper jack cheese...yum!

The fact that spring isn't as far away as it felt earlier this week.

This book, I'm not sure why I never read this growing up- but it reminded me a lot of Anne of Green Gables. I quite liked it!

Mooing at the cows out the back door. Yes, we really do open the door and moo at them.

This kid. My nephew Xander just turned 3 and he totally cracks me. He has got the cutest little personality!

I wanted to get a crayon roll up done for him- but it didn't happen.

A day off tomorrow...I've been subbing a lot and I am thankful that tomorrow I get to stay home and get some things done around here.


Kristi said...

I am freaking out that you have HUSKER DU!! I must know details. Did you inherit it from your Grandma, or did you buy it at a yardsale? I have looked & looked for that game. I also remembered playing it when I was little, and I even bought one for Lacey. It was played to death, so I threw it out, not realizing they no longer made it. LUCKY! (in my best napoleon dynamite voice...)
Loved this whole post. :)

Amber M. said...

Can't wait until Monday...the "X" bag is delightful...what a great gift idea!

Lorilee said...

I can't wait until the next time we get together to play Husker Du. Just looking at the picture took me back to Grandma Koski's living room. I'm impressed with your homemade tortillas. Do you fry them or is it kindof like making lefse? Love you!