Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seven S Things About Me

I was tagged about a month ago by Carin and then recently by Kristi, so I thought I'd share a few more things about me. If you didn't see my answers in October when Amber tagged me, you can find them here.

I really did start to write a post in February when Carin tagged me, but sometimes it is hard to think up things about yourself and I ended up scrapping the post. But yesterday while I was subbing in the 5th grade, I jotted a few notes down. I quickly saw a theme emerging and so here you have it:

1. Sorority- I belong to Xi Beta Lambda, which is part of Beta Sigma Phi. I joined when I in my 30's not, during college. Basically we get together once a month during the school year and have lessons(the last one was on identity theft) and conduct business. We currently run a concession stand for local baseball and softball games. This earns the money we need for donating to local organizations and for providing scholarships to Sorority member's children. We also get together to scrapbook, shop and have a few socials a year.

2. Searching- one of my latest whims is dreaming about buying an acreage. We'd have some chickens, maybe a few goats and room for a huge garden.So it's been fun to search the papers and real estate ads for local acreages for sale. We drove out to see this one a few days ago...

it is on 5 acres and has a chicken house, a large pole shed and a detached garage. From the listing, it seems to need a lot of work, which I am definitely scared of. So for now, it is just fun to dream. Plus, I just saw that it has a contract pending.

3. Sprouting, along with starting my seeds, I started some alfalfa sprouts the other day. I am a little scared of sprouts too, but I have been craving something alive. I haven't bought lettuce in a while because I felt like so much of it always went to waste. Most of that could be fixed by better planning on my part, but until then, I'm looking forward to some fresh sprouts on my sandwiches.

4. Swaying in the wind. Right after I posted about it being cold here, it warmed up into the 50's and 60's. So, I took advantage of it and hung a few things to dry outside. I love linens dried on the line. We have a lot of allergies at our house and no clothes line, so it won't be an regular occurrence, but I love getting that line dried smell when I can.

5. Sans Cable. We gave up our cable last month and so far the kids are surviving. They don't really like it, but I really am optimistic that they'll adjust even better once they can get out to play outside more often. We did break down and buy an antenna, so we can still get our American Idol fix, but besides that, we leave it off. It's not fun to watch a snowy picture. It really isn't a huge monthly savings, we only had basic cable, but I really think the other benefits are worth it.

6. Slow Year. I read about this concept on Riana's blog. Here is her description from the flickr group she has set up to showcase pictures from this lifestyle:
A year of non-consumerism. Refurbish, recreate, restyle your wardrobe and life. Slowly. Can, jar, forage and wildcraft foods, grow a garden, bake bread, recycle everything last thing, barter & trade, simplify!
She also had 2 slow months where she didn't buy any groceries and they ate out of her pantry and freezer. It is all very intriguing and while am not really committing myself to it as a lifestyle, I really am trying to incorporate a lot of the same ideals to my life. I need to think out of the box more often- especially when it comes to feeding my family. Less packaging, less trips to the store, and a lot more creativity. My poor children aren't always keen on the idea, but generally speaking our meals have been more hearty and definitely more nutritious.

7. Sunrises- one of the things I love about living where I do is the awesome view we have each morning as we eat breakfast and read scriptures together. I can't help but pause in awe, at the brilliant colors lighting the sky, as the dawn is breaking.

Haven't done this tag yet? Go for it! Or you can do it again, it's always fun to learn more about people!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Your sorority sounds like a great social outlet, especially for mothers!

Andrea said...

I'd love to live on an acreage but without the animals. Loved all your points and some great ideas are in there.

Kristi said...

What a Simply Stupendous post. ;) Your 7 s's are sensational.... I love the house and the acreage idea. Too bad that one isn't an option. Even if required some work, it would be divine. That is an incredible sunrise. You really do live in a beautiful area. Love how goal-oriented you are. Inspiring!