Friday, October 26, 2007

8 Things About Me

Amber tagged me today, so without further ado, here are 8 things maybe you didn't know about me....

1. I am a collector, almost more so than a scrapbooker, stamper, seamstress or crafter. I seriously get just about as much enjoyment from purchasing items for my hobbies as I do from actually participating in them.

2. I like to dip my grilled cheese in ketchup and then honey. Strange, I know.

3. I love handmade onion rings, but will pick out of a dish any distinguishable chunks of onions- especially if it is raw.

4. When Troy is gone, I usually sleep with the TV or my lamp on.

5. I am not a big tv watcher. I prefer to waste my time in front of a computer, lol! However, my all time favorite tv show is Alias. I just need Season 5 to complete my collection.

6. Our dog died in the winter of 2004, shortly after we moved into our house. We had her cremated with the intention of burying her ashes at our old house(where she was happy), once the ground thawed out. Well, before we could get there, that house sold and so Sands is still sitting on top of our cabinets in the kitchen. I think she will probably stay there forever.

7. I've always wanted a claw foot tub for a reading nook in my house. We had one at Meadowlane Elementary in the library and I LOVED getting a turn to read in it.

8. I LOVE popcorn. I have such fond memories of having it when we got to stay up later at Grandma Olson's house. She would make popcorn on the stove and we would drink 7up out of the bottle. Then when I was in college my Mom gave me a 18 pack. I took it almost everyday for lunch, until I ran out.

There, more than you probably wanted to know about me. If you haven't done this meme yet, and you read my blog, consider yourself tagged!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

great idea for the tub. And I too love popcorn. (and 7up) I could eat popcorn everyday.
Love to read more about you.