Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Happy Dance

Well, I thought I posted last night. Spent a good part of an hour trying to log into Blogger, getting the pictures and text just right and it is no where to be found today. I have hit "save as a draft" before when I thought I was hitting "publish", but nope, that isn't the case today.

Anyhoo, I just had to share a few things. First of all, my poor old camera was laid to rest yesterday after I got a package containing my Mom's old camera. My camera had to be coddled along- the battery compartment had to be taped up because of a chip in the door and I was forever untaping, fiddling with the batteries and taping back up, all while trying to get my subject to hold still. I shouldn't complain too much, it really was a great first digital camera and took really nice pictures most of the time. My Mom's camera is a nicer Kodak with a 10 zoom, a li-on rechargeable battery and a door that doesn't have to be taped. I really am doing the happy dance that I won't have to be messing with the batteries on Christmas morning!

I am also excited because my cards should soon be coming to a mailbox near you! Genna helped me get the labels and stamps finished up yesterday. I know why they had Susan, George's girlfriend on Seinfeld die from licking envelopes- I felt like I could yesterday. After licking 90 envelopes, my tongue was protesting!

Last night, we went to a Christmas party for Genna's preschool. I am still learning about this camera and so I honestly didn't get any great shots. I didn't figure out till we got home that the red dot that was flashing at me was the camera saying, turn the flash on- this camera has a pop up flash. Despite monumental photographic evidence, we had a great time decorating cookies, playing with shaving cream and listening to the kids sing.

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