Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoughts for Thursday

Ok, so it is almost Friday- but I tried posting an hour ago and blogger was not cooperating. Just had some random things to share today.

The gingerbread house decorating at Jameson's school today went well. It was pretty cool b/c the high school sent down their home ec kids to help out the kids whose parents couldn't be there. I think Jameson's house turned out really cute! It is hard as a parent sometimes to sit back and let your kids do it their way, but it is definitely important. Next year when it's Connor's turn to decorate a house, I think I will suggest that less types of candy is better with more repetition. Not that he will listen necessarily, but hey, I'll feel better offering that bit of advice.

I am reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. I love this book. I love my copy even more because it has written on one of the first few pages a little note by my Grandma Olson that says, "this is a real good read".

I think I knew this before- but boy, sometimes I am really good at wasting time when there is a lot of work to do. I guess I know where Connor gets it from :P On a positive note, I got 15 of my 30 handmade cards done and the infamous Christmas letter written and printed.

One last thing before I turn into a pumpkin- my friend Cheryl and I did the OAMC thing last week and I am LOVING the results. It is so nice to just take out a meal the night before to thaw in my fridge. When 5:30 rolls around I just reheat, add a side and woila, dinner is served. Seriously, even though it was a ton of work, I will definitely do it again. Posted by Picasa

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