Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ward Christmas Party

Someone please beat me upside the head, if I ever try to blog using Picasa again. Last night I typed up a long recap from our Ward Christmas Party. Watched the little thumbprints say it was uploading my post. Wake up this morning again, no post!

Anyway, here are the photos from our Ward Party. It was a wonderful evening! We started out with a yummy dinner. I brought a double chocolate candy cane trifle using my overbaked cake from Genna’s birthday that I threw in the freezer. I layered the cake, white chocolate pudding, cool whip and crushed candy canes. It was delish- if I do say so myself. It was pretty too, but I forgot to take a picture!

They had a Nativity re-enactment for the entertainment portion of the evening. The Primary Children were all dressed as animals and the YM/YW as Shepherd and Angels. The children all gathered around a really cool manger that someone built that was filled with hay. You can see from the picture of Genna that hay and her don’t get along too well, this was a pre-sneeze shot. She ended up with asthma before the night was over. Anyway, back to the Nativity. There were others of us dressed in costumes, sitting on blankets in our tiny little gym. Mary and Joseph walked through asking each of us, if we had room for them. It really hit me last night as I was typing this the first time, what a poignant question that is. Do we have room for Christ in our lives? Do I make time to learn of Him, teach my children of Him and let His example guide me? I strive to do these things, but still I know I can do better.

After singing a few Christmas carols we then got a visit from the Big Guy. I have to say, I am so thankful my Mom is lending me her camera. I downloaded these pictures last night and there is no picture of Genna on Santa’s lap. I had taken one, but my old camera decided it didn’t want to recognize it. So, sniff, sniff, pictures of the just the boys will have to do. Genna must have noticed how often Santa had to keep adjusting his beard, because she asked me while we were doing cards the other day, “Mom, was that the real Santa at our church?” So, we had a little talk about how Santa has helpers all over the world.

4 sleeps to go!! I can hardly wait!!

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