Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snowmen aren't forever, but friends are

Please allow me to get all sappy for a moment. Tonight, Cheryl, Tami and I got together. We ate some yummy treats, exchanged presents, visited and even had a good little cry together. We were just discussing how/when our friendship started and developed. We know for sure, it was because of Tiger Cubs that we met. But when and how we got to be such close friends, we can't pinpoint. But I am so thankful for their sweet friendship. We all love to scrapbook, but I think more than anything, I love just getting together and chatting. They truly are dear to my heart. And aren't all of Tami's snowmen so darn cute? I love all her decorations- everything just feels so homey and comfortable! And no, those aren't snowmen in the middle photo- but I think they are pretty darn cute anyway!!
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