Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas in Review

We truyly had a wonderful Christmas. Here is a quick recap:

Christmas Eve- Grandpa & Grandma Bennett and the Missionaries came over for dinner. We had lasagna, garlic bread, green bean casserole, salad and rice pudding. I was just starting to make the meringue for the rice pudding when everyone arrived. I panicked when I realized I was out of cream of tartar. Messed up and added the sugar before stiff peaks formed. Sent the kids on a wild goose chase around the neighborhood to find cream of tartar. Borrowed some from the Hendricks, dumped it in the meringue and sent it back to Hendricks, before realizing the error of my ways. Sent kids and Troy back to Hendrick's to borrow cream of tartar again. Note to self, buy new cream of tartar for Hendricks. Anyway, I was frazzled enough that I didn't take any picture of the table set with our special tablecloth and candles that only come out for special occasions. After dinner we put on the Nativity play. Starring roles included: Grandpa Bennett as the Angel of the Lord. Troy & Elder Barfield were Shepherds abiding in the field. Jameson, Connor and I were the totally blinged out Wise Men. Elder Belnap was Joseph with a very reluctant Genna as Mary. Grandma Bennett read the story from Luke 2. There is always a bit of humor that accompianies the home version of the Nativity, which I hope will help my children remember how important it is that we do recognize the real Christmas story. We exchanged a few gifts, the kids opened up their traditional Christmas jammies, we watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance on PBS, put out the cookies for Santa and then sent everyone to bed.

Connor woke up early, but was kind enough to let us sleep in until 7:00. We opened presents and had a fun time just relaxing together. We didn't have to be anywhere until 4:00, which was heavenly! All the kids loved their new bean bags. Santa also brought Genna, a Genevieve Barbie and 12 Dancing Princesses DVD. I spent a good portion of my relaxing day downloading Disney songs for the boys to put on their new MP3 players. I then scrambled upstairs made chicken enchiladas, a chocolate chip cream cheese dessert and failed at an attempt to make broken glass. The red jello was all grainy and runny, so that was one tradition that didn't happen this year.

I did make it out of my pajamas and we headed over to Troy's parents house for dinner. There was way too much yummy food, as we were all supposed to bring our favorite casserole and a dessert. Shane, who is serving in the California Santa Rosa Mission, called at 5:00 and we all enjoyed talking to him on the speaker phone. We ended the night watching Deal or No Deal and 1 VS. 100. We were all shouting at the TV. It was great fun!!

The next day we got ready for an impromptu trip down to KS. We had planned to see a movie before heading down and we were not at all disappointed in We are Marshall. In fact, I would say that is the best movie I've seen all year long. Troy and his brother Todd were attending a stocks & options seminar in Overland Park and so it worked out perfectly for the kids and I to travel down with them and stay with my sister in Olathe. She has been sewing up a storm and so in another post, I will show you all her cute stuff. But we had a great visit. Genna and Ethan played dress up a lot. The bigger boys all were addicted to the GameCube. They grumbled that we made them turn it off to decorate Gingerbread houses. Lorilee and I had a great time finding good deals at the after Christmas clearance sales. It really was such a nice time.

Did I say quick recap? Ooops! I guess I got a little long winded! I am just so thankful for such a wonderful family, so many rich blessings and for a loving Heavenly Father who shared His son with us.

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