Sunday, September 09, 2007

Birthdays, Bargains, Buttons & Butterflies

It has been a fun, but busy week.

A few highlights:

Having Grandpa Bennett over for dinner on his birthday. We gave him a present full of nutty things- different candy & cookies,etc. with a card reading, "We're Nuts About You!"

Last night Troy and I got to go out on a date. We went to Macaroni Grill (yum!) and then out to a drive in movie. Ok, so we drove into Target, bought a movie and some candy and sat out in our van and watched it. It was actually quite fun and cheaper than the regular movie theater.

Today was Troy's birthday. We made a special lunch for him: grilled salmon, fried green tomatoes, corn on the cob, fresh cucumbers and Texas sheet cake. The kids decorated the house and Jameson made a treasure hunt for Troy to go on to find his presents.

Went to a lot of garage sales this week, found a lot of good bargains:

One of my new obsessions: vintages sheets- most of these came from a sale where you can tell they came straight from Grandma's linen closet. They even smelled like Grandma's sheets.

We found this chrysalis in a playhouse that we inherited from the duplex. I carefully removed it and taped it to a branch. It is so exciting to see the butterfly forming inside. We think it will be emerging soon!


Freer Family said...

Fun weekend!
I love your drive in movie idea, lol! Too funny. Mmmmm Macoroni Grill.
Love the "nutty" gift bag idea.

Andrea said...

What great ideas in that post. Love it!