Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sneak Peek

Just a little sneak peak for my latest project: an organized craft room. I took everything out yesterday. My messy pictures accidently were taken with my camera's internal memory. Now if I could only find the right usb cord, we'd be good to go. You would think that wouldn't be a problem, since I just cleaned everything, but no, it is evading me. Anyhoo, I have been shuffling, organizing and purging my little heart out. Someone please shoot me if I try to acquire any more crafty type items.

Here is a over the door shoe organizer that I put all my abc stamps and chipboard in.
I had to hunt high and low for a reasonably priced(read:cheap) one. Good ole Pamida came through for me. I think I am really going to like not having to decide if something is a p or a d or a b.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle all the sewing stuff. I moved my machine to a bigger desk and got a few baskets for more frequently used material. I am not sure I will be purging much material. I just barely got it all. But I am putting myself on a vintage sheet restriction. Pillowcases are ok, but no more sheets until I actually make something with one or two of them.

Stay tuned for more pictures soon!


Andrea said...

love it. love purging too. have fun.

ingrid said...

Oh I love the shoe organiser idea. I just may have to find one for all my bits and pieces.
And I am vintage sheet collector too. I do use a lot of them but some of them seem too pretty to cut up so they sit in my overflowing cupboards in stead. Have fun purging!

Amber said...

I' DYING to see your after pictures...finally got our order from Cedarberry and can't wait to share.

Miss you!