Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend in Review

Wish I could say I got a lot done on my to do list, but I did get a little side tracked. My SIL, Tiffany, wanted some help with putting the finishing touches on my MIL's living room/dining room area that they had just repainted. We realized we had our work cut out for us when we couldn't move anything without it falling apart. So we spent Friday garage saleing for some sturdier furniture and storage solutions.

Here are a few of my treasures I found for myself that day:

Pottery Barn pillows, eyelet dust ruffle for Genna's bed and cool vintage tablecloth.

A cute vintage hedgehog mug perfect for hot chocolate on these cooler nights.

A tray to put under the laundry supplies. This was in a free pile. My SIL got a gorgeous framed mirror out of the same stuff.

Saturday we finally found time to get the garage cleaned out. It was a pigsty and Jameson was just itching to get it straightened out. I keep going out and marvelling at how much space we really have out there. Once I tackle my pile of furniture redo's it will be even more spacious.

Nebraska played USC on Saturday. We thought we had it all worked out to surprise the boys with tickets to the football game. It was very disappointing when it didn't work out. Genna has actually been the most vocal about it not working out to go to the game. We are still hoping to make it work for another game this year.

Sunday, while we napped Jameson made us a cake. We watched for Take a Chance for FHE.

Well, that brings us up to today. I was excited to find out that our treadmill that we took from our neighbor's curb, actually works. We thought it didn't, but were too ashamed to stick it back on our curb on trash day. So I ran this morning. It's not very high tech. It has knob with a turtle and a rabbit on it. But I think it will do just fine.

It's my sister's birthday today. I am sending her a fun package. I found something I think she will love and I made a few things for her baby. Don't peek, Lor, if you don't want to be surprised. Happy Birthday, little sis!

Well, I better get going with the rest of my day. So many projects, so little time!


Amber said...

COOL, Kristi! Wish I got more done this weekend, but I had a lot of fun instead! LOVE the vintage tablecloth...winner.

Andrea said...

we really need to tackle our garage. Any tips?