Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Checked Off

I can admit it, I have an obsessive personality. I tend to fixate on something and I don't let it rest until I have overdone it. It is a good thing I don't smoke or drink, or I might be dead by now. I just tend to go a little overboard. Which is why the corner of my family room looks the way it does. There are picture frames, shelves, entertainment center parts and a huge pile of thrifted sheets and fabrics. I won't even go into details about the garage right now. In an attempt to remedy the overabundance of items needing TLC before they can find a place to live in my home, I am trying like crazy to get projects off my to do list.

Finished today:

Fabric covered buttons for Genna's bulletin board. Found a tutorial online. They were so easy and fun to make. I only stopped because I ran out of buttons.

Hung redone chalkboard in kitchen. So easy with those command adhesive hangers. This came from the duplex and I just had to buy some chalkboard paint and move the chalk tray so I could hang it vertically.

Genna's new bulletin board. Again, something I got from the basement of the duplex. Painted it pink and added the fun fabric thumbtacks. I also would like to do a clothes line to hang additional artwork on and paint the clothes pins fun colors.

Hung a thrifted Winnie the Pooh picture. This corner is about done.

I actually finished this one yesterday, but I stuck the pins in it today.


Andrea said...

I'm obsessive too. Atleast you have cute obsessions. Looks great!

amber said...

FUN, Kristi! These pins turned out so cute. You've inspired me to post about my daily "dones"...maybe tonight if I get anything done!!:-)