Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Checked off!

I finished sorting fabric and notions yesterday and took some pictures of my newly organized craft room.

Don't be too scared by the first 2 pictures. I literally dumped everything out of it's drawers and organized bins so I could start with a fresh, empty slate when I put things back into the room. I was under the gun to get the room back together, since I was putting the Cub Scout supply of popcorn in my basement, the day after I started this huge undertaking.

I love my new little sewing corner. Now I just need to sit there and actually sew something. I would like to cut into one of my precious vintage sheets and make a prettier cover for my sewing machine.

For scrapbooking, I always had everything at my fingertips with paper and embellishments sitting on the back half of my desk. I decided that actually made me feel closed in and inhibited as I worked, so I cleared the desk space. I now actually have room to use my rotary cutter and mat on the corner. The rest of the desk area didn't change much. Except I have utilized more fully all the little nooks and crannies where I could stuff things, especially underneath of it. It is however, neatly stuffed there.

I folded up all my smaller pieces of fabric and put them into the baskets. Larger pieces were sorted by color and put in the fancy sterlite drawers.

Stamps, paints and other miscellaneous supplies fill up the chest of drawers. This was a garage sale find($10)from a few weeks ago. I was going to paint it and put it up in my bedroom, but I decided I could really use the storage more down here. Plans are still to paint it- especially the top, sanding it didn't tone it down very much.

Next is my leaning tower of stuff. I have A LOT of stuff crammed into this room. I needed to go upward with my storage. It isn't pretty and probably isn't earthquake safe, but it is working for me right now. The Longaberger basket on top is filled with all the magazines I have cut up over the years to organize into an Idea binder. The stack of cut out pages is almost 3 inches thick. That is a project I have almost round filed several times, but I go to toss the papers and see something cute on top and decide to hold onto them a bit longer.

I finished up another project today. Remember this?

After painting it black, I debated for a good while over which fabric I should use to recover the bench pad with. I ended up going with a totally neutral free piece of upholstery fabric that came from my Mom's stash. Since this will be in the entry way, we will put mittens, hats, etc. in one of the pull out drawers and the other side will be my return/to go place. Then hopefully I will get in the habit of putting other people's stuff there and checking it before I leave the house.

I'll leave you tonight, with a bit of randomness. Last week, I thought I was being so clever. I bought this great glass jar from Walmart and thought how cool it would be to put gourds in and put it on my newly redone entertainment center.

Although it was quite festive, it was also the perfect conditions for fungi to grow.
I ended up with furry stemmed pumpkins after only 3 days of them being in the jar.

So the moral of the story is, never display your pumpkins under glass.


Andrea said...

That looks awesome! Great job.
And wow on the bench. Wish I had an eye for the potential of things.

Kassie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I used to visit yours a lot but my computer died and I forgot all the blogs I had bookmarked, yours being one. I will have to read backwards to see what you've been up to. I love the new look of your blog. Hope your fall is going great. Take care!