Monday, October 08, 2007


26 minutes on the treadmill today

16 steps cleaned today with the rug doctor my friend Cheryl rented- thanks again!

8 loads of laundry done, at least 4 to go- the aftermath of camping

18 matches each for both Genna and I when we played Finding Nemo concentration

at least 47: how many times I told my 2 silly boys to get to bed tonight

6 each- poses tried out after their mother asked them to go to bed the first time

day 1 of back to eating BFL style

sweets today

5 bags of chips in my cupboard that were neglected today

12 different times today, I had to try and forget about the leftover raspberry peach cobbler that we had during General Conference yesterday

I looked at about 369 cool photos on Flickr today- trying to get inspired to make more Christmas gifts this year

took 7 big bags of clothes to the recycling center this afternoon

5 minutes until I turn into a pumpkin- exercising always makes me so much more tired at night

3 beautiful sleeping children to stop and kiss before I go to bed


Andrea said...

yum... that dessert looks good. What will power you have to stay away from that and chips.
I love sleeping children.

April said...

Oh my that looks so yummy! Sounds like you got a lot done.