Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

It's been a good couple of days.

Here was yesterday...

We got to spend the afternoon with my friend, Amber. Genna thinks Amber and I are sisters and Anna is her cousin. It was so fun just to hang out together.

Amber's house is so cute. She is great at accessorizing. She puts the cutest vignettes together. Here are a couple.

The rest of the day wasn't as relaxing. We had to rush to soccer after Jameson's trumpet lesson and then from there I had to run up to Lincoln for a presidency meeting. I did get to shop at the new Super Target all by myself, which was fun. I normally shop at Walmart, so it was fun to have a different variety of things to choose from.

Genna and I were able to go to lunch with my Mom and Dad, at Grisanti's up in Lincoln. My sister, Linda worked there when I was in high school. So it has a lot of good memories for me. Plus they have really yummy bread that you dip in a marinara type sauce. Ok, so there really weren't many BFL choices, so I went all out for the scrimp scampi with angel hair pasta. Definitely yummy! It really was so nice to be able to spend time with my parents. In 2 weeks, they are headed south to Mesa for the winter. We are going to miss them!

Genna went home with Grandpa and Grandma and I got to stop at the fabric store. This shopping by myself I could get used to. Anyway, I finally picked up an embroidery hoop for my 2nd ever vintage sheet project. Ok, so this one was as simple as could be. I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine. I still was happy with how it turned out. I am going to use this for laundry that is waiting for special treatment.

I also picked up some faux replacements for my fuzzy pumpkins to go in my jar on top of the entertainment center. Sorry for the wonky angle. You know, I try to do something artsy and it just looks silly to me.

Driving back to my parent's house I was hit with the memory of when I was 12 and would walk home from school down the street, crunching in the leaves. I love the trees that canopy the street. Oh, to be 12 and carefree again. Well, I guess I really don't want to relive my teenage years, but I'll settle for taking a stroll through the leave next time I go over to their house.

We got home today and found that the cornfield behind our house, got a hair cut!

My Mom got this awesome feed sack fabric for a quarter at her neighbor's garage sale. I just love the colors and print! Thanks Mom!

We had roadshow practise tonight. It is on Saturday. I a little worried about how it is going to go. Hopefully, everyone will have fun doing it.

Tomorrow's plans...

I am subbing in 1st grade.

Jameson's friend, Aaron will come home from school with us and then I'll run the boys to soccer.

I need to bring punch and cookies for a Court of Honor tomorrow night. I think it will be Oreo's or some other store bought variety, since I just found out about it tonight.

Cub Scout Committee meeting down at the Popcorn Store. We have a week left to go for popcorn. My boys met their goals and so we are personally done selling- but we still have to get all the pack popcorn taken care of.

Maybe tomorrow night, I will get to get a little crafting in? We shall see.


Andrea said...

wow... you are busy.
Love the laundry bag. cute.
And great arrangements your friend has.

Freer Family said...

Great post, of course now I feel like a lazy bum, lol. Can you send your friend Amber to fill up my bare walls? You lunch sounds delish and hooray for you for getting to shop alone, it's great isn't it?

Cheryl said...

The bag turned out great - love your use of the vintage sheet for it!

You need to enter a blog about how you are becoming an awesome spreadsheet user :)

Amber said...

I'm flattered to be on your blog! Can't wait to get together again...when we don't have to worry about the clock. Have a great weekend, my friend!

Lorilee said...

I'm really jealous of your lunch at Grisanti's. I haven't been there in years. Wish I could have been there with you guys. I love the picture of the trees going down our street. What a fun memory!

Kristi said...

Awww, thanks guys, I feel so loved!!