Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Ramblings

Last weekend we had the last of the boys' basketball games. Hopefully we get a few weeks off before soccer starts.

I made my own pepperoni. I used this recipe and extra lean ground beef. It looks and tastes a bit more like summer sausage. I put the slices in the freezer for our next pizza night. My kids don't really love anything but cheese, but I am sure Troy and I will enjoy it.

We also recently had the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Jameson and his good friend Aaron, unbeknownst to each other, both made Wii cars. Connor's car ended up being too long and I had to borrow a Dremel and shave off part of the weights in the front to get it up to code.

Check out these fun open class cars. My friend Cheryl made the Cow on the surfboard(she lives on a dairy farm). Both boys won 2nd place in their Den race.

A recent lunch. Leftover homemade waffles toasted with pecans, bananas and sugar free syrup. Definitely heavy on the carbs. Usually the last 2 waffles are ignored in the fridge, and I didn't want that to happen!!

Genna's fort in the living room. She built it all by herself. She was so sad when I asked her to take it down. She cheered up when I told her she could take a picture of it so she could remember it.

Yesterday was sunny and quite nice out- look who stopped by to visit.

I bought $5 worth of seeds at the Dollar Store today- they were 4/$1. I just recently planted some parsley and basil on my window sill and I am anxious to start some other seeds. Hopefully I get the timing for repotting right this time. The last time I attempted to start seeds, the plants got too big before I could transfer them outside.

I came across this cool post about a winter garden. I don't think it would probably work here in Nebraska- but maybe the fall planting season could be extended longer. How cool would it be to have home grown salad in January?


Lorilee said...

Ethan built a fort today too. Tell the boys I really like their derby cars! Love the pic of the bluebird..I wish mine turned out that clear

Kristi said...

K, you did not make your own sausage. I need you to live next door to me - it would be like Martha Stewart live! ;)

Cute recap. Life is good at your house.

i'm kelly said...

you make your own pepperoni? i didn't even realize that was possible. oh wow...

Amber M. said...

You constantly amaze me ith all the cool stuff you do! Pepperoni??? Miss you!