Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh Yeah!!

I love watching my kids- whether they are playing basketball, tumbling, learning how to tie a rope at Cub Scouts, it doesn't matter- it makes me happy to see them doing something they enjoy.

I have to say that one of the things, I find so exciting is that recently my boys have learned to like to read. Oh, they have always read and they are actually required to read a certain amount of time each day for school. But lately, I haven't had to ask them to read, they've done it all on their own.

Jameson started reading a Charlie Bone book in January and loved it so much, he breezed through it in a short time.

Connor started the first Harry Potter book for the second time. He had read around 110 pages a year or so ago, but lost interest. He read his little heart out this week. Of course, getting grounded from the tv & computer, helped progress his reading along. But he finished it this week and was proud as could be.

Wanna hear something else that made my day? The night he finished up The Sorcerer's Stone, he couldn't wait to go down and borrow Jameson's copy of The Chamber of Secrets.

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