Monday, February 12, 2007

Cake Raffle X 2

My kids go to a great school. I think their teachers work very hard for not much money and I am very grateful for all their efforts. So when they asked for parent volunteers to bake for a cake raffle, I was all over that! Growing up my Mom always made the coolest cakes! One of the earliest ones I can remember was a ghost. It had coconut on the white frosting and eyes that were on fire. She used a sugar cube inside an egg shell. She doused the sugar cube with alcohol and lit it. In high school, she made me a cake that looked like a hamburger. So thanks to my Mom's legacy, I guess I have always attempted to make those fun kinds of cakes as well.

Someimtes they turn out, sometimes they don't. Remember last year, I did this one for the 3rd grade cake raffle. I was happy with how it turned out. The Dora birthday cake had a few problems.

Here are the cakes from this year's cake raffles.

3rd grade (This was supposed to be a pencil, but I added to much red to the yellow food coloring and it turned a lovely shade of orange.)

4th grade

These cake raffles were held to raise money for new risers for the school. Both boys got an opportunity to work at the table collecting money, which was also a good experience for them.


Kristi Barnes said...


How fun to stumble onto your blog! Glad to see everyone at your house is healthy & happy. :)

Your blog is fun - you are a busy, inspiring girl. Thanks for sharing.


Kristi said...

Hey there!!

How have you been!! So nice to hear from you!!

How is your cute little Lily doing? Well, I am sure she probably isn't so little anymore!!

Bethany said...

Oh those are so cute!!