Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday- Happy Valentine's Day

A lot of you have probably seen this floating around. I thought it was lots of fun. I made my own up and used them to make simple Valentine cards for my family.

I was happy to find out last night that the kids had a late start for school today. We were able to have a nice relaxed breakfast together this morning. I set the table last night after everyone went to bed.

I made pink pancakes and cut out just a few with heart shaped cookie cutters.

Even my 4 year old, who decided last week that she did not like pancakes anymore, thought these tasted much better than the pancakes I normally make.

So finally my Works For Me Wednesday Tip. I like to use a pastry blender or whisk to help me sift the dry ingredients of a recipe together. A long time ago, I never used 2 bowls to seperate the dry and wet ingredients- I was just too lazy. Then finally I stepped it up a notch and started using a seperate bowl, when called for. But I never sifted the ingredients together. One reason being, I didn't own a sifter and the other, again, I thought it took too much time. Well, when I started making pancakes, muffins and cookies more often, I realized it really could be a helpful thing to have the baking powder/soda mixed completely in with the flour. Then I wouldn't have to stir quite so much to combine everything, when I added the wet and dry together. So I started using a whisk or my pastry blender. Just make sure you use a big enough bowl that you can really get to the bottom without dumping it all over your shirt(not that I've ever done that, lol).

Oh and one more tip- I use my pastry blender to help break up chunks of meat. It helps shred tuna and chicken for salads and hamburger or sausage when browning.

Check out more tips at Rocks in my Dryer.

And Happy Valentine's Day!


Cammie said...

Nice tip. I sift my dry ingredients with a wisk to. I, however have not thought of breaking up meat with a pastry blender...NICE! I like it.

Nikki said...

Great tip. I never thought about breaking up meat this way.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for the tip!

Happy Valentine's Day! Your breakfast looks awesome!

Andrea said...

Looks like a great breakfast. I did heart pancakes too, but never thought of making them pink. Have to remember that for next year.