Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Ramblings

I am very happy to report that the Pinewood Derby is over for another year. Both boys' cars made it down the track without losing a wheel or stopping before it crossed the finish line. Jameson's did pop a wheelie on one it's runs, but thankfully it stayed on track. Both boys did actually finish in good standings. Jameson got 2nd in his den race and Connor 1st in his.

Before the race we had Troy's parents over for lunch. I made chicken tortilla soup and banana muffins. Our thoughts are with Betty today as she has a knee replacement surgery.

We didn't have church yesterday because of the snow and ice we got the night before. It hailed for a bit and Connor thought it looked like dippin' dots.

Last night, Troy had a meeting for church in Lincoln. While he was gone we played Wiz Kidz, which is a pretty fun game and a good purchase, if you feel obligated to buy something from Discovery Toys. Genna has recently learned all of her letters by sight and so she had fun playing this time too!

Genna was jammin' out today to High School Musical on Connor's MP3 player. She had to have the hat on so she could keep the ear buds in.

Genna wanted to take a picture of me after I took some of her. She was very specific in how she wanted me to pose. Here I am with the book(Pride & Prejudice) I just finished up today. I am looking forward to watching my copies of P&P while I fold laundry this week.

This last time at the library I got a lot of safe books- or rather, books I know I won't be disappointed in. So I ended up with a bag full of Jane Austen books. Most of them will be re-reads. I think next I will start on Sandition, which if I have read before, I don't remember a thing about it.


Kassie said...

Hey, Kristi. Just had to comment on the Pinewood Derby. Terrific on the boys doing well in their runs. I can't tell you how happy I was to be done with Cub Scouts a couple of years ago, but now the countdown is on to the next one. When we found out that Soren was a boy, one of my first reactions was, "Oh,NO! That's three more years of Cub Scouts and three more Pinewood Derbies!" Maybe in 7 years I'll be happy about being at Pack meetings again. Yah, right!

beckbot said...

I know what you mean about "safe" books - I have 2 shelves full of them by my bed. They are trusted and true friends to me, friends that I can turn to when I need a bit of entertainment or a soothing read before bed, nothing scary or disturbing. All of Jane Austen's are on the shelves, and some by Marilynne Robinson.
BTW, you look so pretty in your picture! You haven't aged at ALL since college. Don't know how you do it...