Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this year. I haven't gotten real serious with my goal writing yet, but here's what I've come up with so far...

Connect more....I am blessed with a wonderful family and so many dear friends- I need to do better about making time to get together and keeping in touch.

Create more...I have really learned to love sewing and I hope to make it more a part of my life this year.

Eat more...healthy food that is. I ended the year on a eat as much junk as possible diet, which is definitely not working for me. I really think planning out good, healthy meals is the key.

I could definitely make improvements in this area, I'm talking about really communicating with my Father in Heaven.

Read more...I need to do a better job of getting to the library and also of picking up the scriptures on my own, to study.

Run more...I really enjoy running on my treadmill. I know the best time for me to do this is before my kids get up. Too bad, I really like sleeping in.

Scrap more...I look at the paltry amount of pages I finished in 2007 and I feel badly. There are so many great memories that I don't want to forget.

Serve more...
I really want to do better at serving with a cheerful heart- especially my own family.

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Kassie said...

That's a great list of "more's". I think you've got a good list to start on. Good Luck! Knowing you, I'm sure you'll do all of them to some degree or other.