Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tasks

Ok, after a week or more of channeling all my energy into perusing fitness blogs and websites, I got back into making a few things today.

First, I finished up a couple of scrapbook pages. Not fabulous, but they are done. And I am sorry, I am too lazy to scan my 2 page layouts.

Next, I decided to try out Jessica Seinfeld's brownie recipe- you know the one with spinach and carrots in it. I made these before Genna got home. They are supposed to cool completely before you eat them, otherwise you can taste the spinach. Wanna know how they rated? 2 not so goods and 3 yes, make them agains. My boys were the ones who didn't like the taste of them. They are not super sweet, although they are extremely moist. I had a small taste and thought they were pretty good. I decided I will try and make them again, after we do some serious sugar weaning around here.

Then, don't fall over with shock, but I made something with one of my vintage pillowcases. It's a reusable grocery bag made from this awesome tutorial! I have been trying really hard at my local store, to request paper instead of the plastic, but I need to make quite a few more, before I could handle a trip to Walmart. Here is another tutorial. I really liked her produce bags too.

And lastly, while perusing more of Deceptively Delicious, I found her meatball soup recipe. It is similar to this one I'd bookmarked to try someday.

It was a big hit with everyone, well, except Genna. She didn't love it, but she ate it all without making a trip into the bathroom to toss what she didn't like into the trash. It cracks me up when she picks up her plate and heads down the hall. Of course, I don't let her get very far and she still has to eat her food, but I think it's kind of funny that she doesn't think I'll notice.

Anyway, the more I've looked at this book, the more I like it. Not because I think I need to hide vegetables from my kids, but because it has so many ideas for encorporating more nutrients than some of the other recipes I would normally make. My kids are actually pretty good vegetable eaters, but it never hurts to figure out a way to get more veggies in them!

Hope you all had a great day!


Vicki said...

Your bag looks great! If the bagger wants to, they can fit a lot more stuff in a cloth bag than in a plastic one. I took my cloth bags to the grocery store last time and they didn't do a great job of filling them all the way full, though. I only have 5 bags and that is plenty for a medium sized grocery trip.

Amber M. said...

You've been busy!! I've been curious about that Jessica Seinfeld book. And your bag is CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

This is Ann, Amber's mom!
I have been visiting your blog via
Amber's and I enjoy it very much.
I am pleased to have a pattern
for thrifty and "green" grocery
bags. I had thought to buy some,
but this is better. I love the
instructions to make the neat
mitered bottom corners. Thanx!