Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free

We went to the airport today to see off my BIL, Orin. He will be deployed for 400 days. My heart just aches when I think of the sacrifice his family has to make while he is gone. I am so incredibly grateful for all those men and women in our country who serve and for their families who stay behind, counting the days until they will be reunited.


Kassie said...

So hard to watch them go, isn't it? Where is he going? I'm so thankful that my BIL won't be deployed again, he's a recruiter now. That was a tough time when he was in Iraq, watching my sis and her daughter try to keep up a normal life. Best wishes for his safe return.

Amber M. said...

Our very best to Orin and his family. They will be in our prayers!

katies said...

Yes it is sad!! :( Tiffany and Orin and thier whole family is so much FUN!!! but he will come home safe in 400 days and wont ever have to be deployed again.