Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Ramblings on a snowy night

My breakfast everyday this week so far- Arizona green tomatoes courtesy of my Mom. Thanks Mom!

I did 3 miles on the treadmill today! My goal this week is 8 miles. I have 3 more to go between tomorrow and Friday!

Genna and I had fun at lunch watching all the birds. We pulled our chairs right up by the window and ate with our bird books on our laps.

After school, the kids and I stopped by here. The boys had to talk with a local artist for a Webelo badge. We spent about an hour with Amy. She showed us how she creates her art and spent a lot of time talking to the boys about how one might go about pursuing a career in art. It was so fascinating. I could have sat and listened to her for hours, had Genna not been extremely clingy and wanting to be held the whole time. My back was aching by the time we left. But we all left feeling very inspired. Connor spent an hour in his room sketching states. He decided he was going to draw the outline of all 50. He started with Texas, of course.

It's actually been snowing for most of the day. It was kind of nice, we had a "snow night"- Troy and Jameson got to stay home since they cancelled church. We didn't have to rush through dinner. We had time to clean up the kitchen and get showers in before American Idol started.

It's almost midnight and I haven't put my pajamas on yet. I still have on my new shirt that I got for $2.49 yesterday. What do you think? Is it cute and fun or does it just make you wonder if I am expecting?

I spent the rest of my day working on the pages I had prepped. I have 4 more to do tomorrow. Here's what I got done:
(You can click on the picture to make it bigger. Sorry I am so lazy about scanning and stitching these 2 page layouts!)

When I finish those layouts and get my office cleaned up- I am a messy scrapbooker, I want to make something for this. Heaven knows, I have enough vintage pillowcases!


Erica said...

ok that shirt is soooo cute and fun! Where did you get it for that cheap? Great new layouts too. And the new look to your blog is OS cute.

Jandi said...
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Jandi said...

Okay, so the breakfast looks so yummy (I love tomatoes)! Your shirt is so cute! Your layouts are amazing (of course!)! I haven't seen you in a while, but you're looking fabulous! Sorry, I deleted the last post because I couldn't spell!

Marisa said...

The shirt is CUTE and as long as you're a mormon in child bearing years someone will always wonder. It's the nature of the beast :-). Don't you love snow days? Travis didn't have to go in for Church and the kids started school 2 hours late. YIPPEE!!!

Heather said...

I think the shirt is cute, and with those skinny legs of yours, no one could assume you were expecting! I had a hard time with this style as well. Everytime I put on one of those kinds of shirts I have the same fear.

Kristi said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, girls!! I got the shirt at Shopko. Gotta love a 90% clearance rack.

Andrea said...

I think the shirt is cute and I could use it because I am expecting and can't find anything that's not clingy! Why are maternity clothes tight and others leave people wondering?
I need to live somewhere that closes things when it snows. There's too much snow here for my liking and life just goes on.