Friday, October 24, 2008

At my house this week...

we had a puppy playdate(with Mo's 3 siblings who live down the street)

I'm getting ready to put my heavier comforter back on my bed

I've been packing for Time Out For Women

I brought in all my herbs from the garden

drying lavendar(if I'm doing this wrong- can someone let me know!)

freezing parsley

I'm loving the view from front yard these days

my neighbor's tree

I'm in charge of Genna's Halloween party at school- so I've been getting that organized. This is for a pin the wart(hershey kiss) on the witch game.

I'm scrabooking for a sorority project. Scott Nisely was killed in Iraq in 2006 and we are putting an album together for his mother. We're just doing a uniform basic layout for now and will add titles and possibly embellishments later.

What's going on at your place?


Kristi said...

You definitely need a warm comforter - it is getting so cold at night!

Your view is beautiful! Pin the wart on the witch - what a cute idea. :)

You are ALWAYS busy doing GOOD things.

melissa said...

You have been busy! Holy cow! Have a wonderful time at Time Out for Women~I've always wanted to go to one.

Anonymous said...

Shane showed me a picture of your new puppy last week. So cute! It sounds like you guys are having such a fun and BUSY fall. I'm sad I missed the party, but the pictures cracked me up!

Andrea said...

What an awesome view!

At Home In Georgia said...

I love that quilt you have on your bed. That pin the wart on the witch is cute. Good luck with the herbs.