Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Trail Mix

I feel a little silly sharing such a simple recipe- but it has been such a big hit at our house, I thought I'd put it on my blog.

Halloween Trail Mix

1 jar roasted, salted peanuts
1 box count chocula cereal
1/2 box of raisins
1 bag Halloween M&M's
optional: pretzels, fishy crackers, popcorn, licorce bites, cheese balls

Warning- you cannot each just one handful. We made this for Connor's hike last week and then again for our Halloween party on Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures from the party!


The Hathcock 3 said...

That's a great recipie! I may use it for my classroom. Great idea! Thanks!

Amber M. said...


At Home In Georgia said...

I love these kind of easy recipes. My kids would love this.

Cute sign below of the lost tooth.

On the flash cards I used Bakersfield or something that is like that....just a generic one that came on my computer. Have fun if you make some....I would love to see. Last night a made a garland using some homemade flash cards. FUN!

Kristi said...

Perfect! I love easy, but yummy. And the purple m&m's are so colorful!

JenniferB said...

This was so delicious -- make more and bring it this friday! ;) (snacks for pj party)

Wendy Mar said...

I'm totally doing this for our party this year!!