Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lost Teeth

Genna has had some loose teeth for a while now. A few weeks back at Cheer Camp- I noticed her top front tooth was suddenly all crooked. Despite wiggling it every day, that darn thing, didn't seem to want to go anywhere. We joked that it was ok, because then maybe she could wait and ask Santa for her two front teeth for Christmas.

After school Thursday when I was picking Genna up, she ran and jumped up into my arms so I could twirl her around. On the way down she must have bumped her mouth. She quickly realized her tooth was out.

We searched the grass all over, but we couldn't find it. She was really worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to come. She was relieved when I suggested we write a letter to the tooth fairy and explain what happened.

She is constantly writing these days- she loves to copy things. Troy got a note from her the other day saying "You've Been Halloweenied- passiton!" Wonder where she got that idea?

Later that afternoon, I got together with my good friends, Cheryl and Tami. Tami's birthday was in September, but we hadn't had a chance to celebrate yet. So, we went out for dinner. Genna just cried and cried because she wanted to come along and show Cheryl her missing tooth.

Well, funny thing was that the next night, after Connor's hike, the boys had a football contest going on at the high school and Cheryl and I sat by each other. Genna was thrilled to finally be able to share her exciting news with Cheryl. We hadn't been there very long when out of the blue, she lost another tooth.

Tonight when I was putting her to bed, I noticed that her top tooth has already broken the surface. I told her, she wouldn't have a hole there for very long. She asked if it would grow in before we got to see Lorilee. I told her it probably would and so Lor, here you go- she really wants you to see her with her two teeth missing!

The past two nights were late ones, and the tooth was left in the car until today. So, I'd better go call that tooth fairy and make sure she doesn't forget about our house tonight!

Oh, yeah, one more tooth related thing. Troy broke a tooth tonight eating some of his sister's koolaid popcorn. So I guess he's off to the dentist tomorrow. Poor guy!


Lorilee said...

Genna looks so cute without her 2 front teeth. Tell her thanks for letting me see the pictures...wish I could see it in person. I'm so sorry that Troy broke his teeth. That must have been some good popcorn. Were you around when Mom brok her front tooth opening graham crackers with her teeth?

Marisa said...

I'm glad we're not the only one who has to write a note to the tooth fairy sometimes. Poor Troy, hopefully it's just a filling and not a crown-yikes. That's one of those we look at the schedule and it's always 50/50.

Kristi said...

What a sweet little jack-o-lantern you have! Her little note is so cute, and the tooth holder is just fun. Aren't little girls fun?!

Carin said...

Genna is adorable! Poor Troy.