Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Odds & Ends...

Jameson was thrilled to get his cast off yesterday.

He was a little worried when she took out the saw, but it all ended up okay.

He said it felt really weird afterwards.

The kids took Mo for a walk down the street to visit his relatives.

First, we stopped to see his mom. I guess he was a little thirsty after his long walk.

Then, we stopped to see his two sisters, Mindy and Bindi. We didn't realize how much bigger he is than them. They played pretty rough together. At home, he is a pretty calm guy.

And finally a few Halloween decorations...

Here's my little shelf with some treasures I found recently.

Those candlestick holders used to be gold.

This little red box holds all my bird books and binoculars. I just cover it up with a towel, but it is easy to grab when we see a bird out the back window.

This little cake plate was once red. I found it at the thrift store and when I went to wash it, the red film flaked off. It was sort of pink after I washed all the red off. Amber suggested I paint it black after we saw the cutest black cake plate at Hobby Lobby. Good suggestion- I like how it turned out.

I have a couple more things to share- but first I have to do some dusting. The bad thing about black furniture is that it really shows the dust.


Lorilee said...

Cute, cute CUTE stuff. You rock! Love your shelf and all your cute stuff.
It was a really really long time ago, but I still remember that wierd feeling after getting my cast off. I bet Jameson is so relieved. Love you!

Kristi said...

Love your homespun house, and seeing how you transform your many finds into treasures.

That pumpkin sign on your black shelf is super cute. Love it alL!

At Home In Georgia said...

My Ben had the same color cast last year.
I love the whole black shelf! Did you make those witch legs? Those are really cute hanging there. I am going to have to write down that cute pumpkin saying to use someday.