Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Puppy Stuff

I never realized what a dog person I am. Mo has been accompanying me while I play taxi driver for the kids. He is such a sweet puppy who is constantly making me laugh.

Yesterday he got his 8 week shots at the Vet. It was so funny because we got there a little early (they were all at lunch) and so we walked all around the outside. When it was our time to go in Mo started heading towards the door, but the closer we got the more he started sniffing and he promptly decided he was not going to be led inside that place. The receptionist was laughing at him through the open doorway. I wondered how he already knew to be afraid of going to the Vet?

Mo had his first bath this weekend. He did really good. However, he did not like the hair dryer. Of course, our bathing him ensured that it would rain shortly and it poured yesterday. The corner of the dog kennel has settled and there is a corner where dirt runs off from the retaining wall behind it. So we had our first taste of muddy paws last night.

Here is a slide show from his first bath.

Ok, and the blog where I saw this cool vintage looking slide show also had an awesome link to a video of Jimmy Stewart reading a poem about his dog Beau. It is definitely worth the watch- but grab your kleenex!


Carin said...

darling puppy

Cheryl H. said...

Having had the privilege of meeting and holding Mo, I must say there is no possible way you cannot fall in love with this dog. He is definitely a wonderful addition to your family!!!

Kristi said...

looove Jimmy Stewart. such a class act.

Your dog is darned cute!

The Frosts said...

Oh my gosh, that is a cute puppy. It *almost* makes me want a dog. He's adorable and looks well loved!

melissa said...

I loved that video of J.S.~he is just a classic. You may want to visit my blog today, I have a surprise waiting for you....
:) Melissa @ 320 Sycamore