Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Stuff

We finished up our popcorn sales on Friday. Woohoo- no more popcorn in our trunk, ever- it was our last year of selling. Thanks to all our family who bought from our kids over the past several years.

We got to go out to dinner two times this past weekend-

once to Famous Dave's with my parents and my brother Dave and his wife Melinda, who came up from St. Louis. It was so good to see them and get some pictures of their cute kids!

Then Saturday night, Troy and I went out to the yummiest buffet up at the Horseshoe Casino up in Council Bluff's with Troy's parents, brother Shane and his girlfriend JJ. We had a great time eating and laughing!

Connor had a soccer game on Saturday. He was able to score a goal and had some great assists.

Jameson is having to just practice with the soccer team this year, since he is a month too old to meet the age requirements. He has been a good sport- even though it's been hard to watch all your friends play when he would love to be out there with them.

I went Lincoln this morning with my SIL Michelle and since it was raining, Troy was home for a while and he did 3 loads while I was gone. I had a mountain of laundry and he was so sweet to get it down to bunny slope status for me.

And I won a fun prize on Melissa's blog- 320 Sycamore. You'll have to check out the amazing transformation they have made with their house.

All my mums are blooming and they look so pretty. Last year I had a bunch die out on me and so I am excited they are filling in again.

And last but not least I was excited to figure out how to have large sized pictures on my blog without all the work of sizing them and uploading them to photobucket. All you do is find the HTML code where it says s200 or s400 and change it to s800 for a large photo. Note you might see two sizes one that says s1600 and s200 or s400. Only change the small number. You might have to do some rearranging with your layout- because it doesn't work on inbetween sizes like s600. Don't ask me why.

Example code:


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! I had no idea you had one. I love finding out new people who blog.

Saturday was fun! I ate way to much, but it was well worth in. : )

Kristi said...

Love eating out. yum.

Your mums are super pretty!

At Home In Georgia said...

Your mums look so good. Thanks for the picture info.

Lorilee said...

I thought I commented on this already.

Love the BIG photos! Your boys look so good in green! Miss you!

Marisa said...

I didn't know JJ was dating Troy's brother. I've read her blog and it didn't even click, although they look VERY much alike. Oh, well.

I LOVE eating out, 2x in a week is a real treat, especially when it's money spent on GOOD food versus our only option of Subway.

beckbot said...

Your boys are so handsome! Sounds like you see a lot of your family. That's so nice!

Anonymous said...

The close up shot of Josh's twin is another shot he loves. I ran it through some very good software I have in photo shop and increased the resolution just a tad so Josh can display him life size. Josh said his twin looks really beautiful in that picture!