Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Little Things

This is about a little change I made this year to make life a little easier. My kids already have certain chores assigned to them. And as they grow older, I think it is a good thing to assign them a few more responsibilities. Right now Jameson and Connor make their own school lunches, clean their rooms and unload the dishwasher daily. Then on Saturday's or other select times, in addition to cleaning the bathroom they use the most, they are called on to vacuum, sweep or whatever else I need help with.

So, this year to their daily repetoire I am adding filling water bottles and taking out the trash. I moved my the dishes we use every day to a lower drawer so Genna can now have the responsibility of setting the table each day.

Since moving in we have never had hampers or laundry baskets in any of our bedrooms. My thinking in not having them, was to encourage everyone to just automatically when they leave their room, take it straight to the laundry room. It hasn't been an all bad thing. Unforunately one of my children really struggles with getting his clothes into the laundry room and so I might try some pop up hampers. But for now my little change was to post some labels over the baskets and encourage the kids to sort their own laundry, instead of just throwing it in the room, like normal. So far, so good on the kids sorting their stuff out. The only problem with this was I didn't laminate my labels and over the weekend, the whites pile surpassed the sign and the ink ran. It is no longer readable, but hopefully until I can get a new one posted and laminated, the sorting will continue on.


On the Journey to Victory said...

I have my children sort their laundry in baskets in their room. Just today as I was working in my kitchen I came up with the idea of how to rearrange my dishes so they would be lower in order for my girls to set the table and put the dishes away. they say great minds think alike right?


An Ordinary Mom said...

Great ideas.

LOL - at first I thought the dark sign said "dorks." Silly me :) !!