Thursday, January 04, 2007


I am on a huge kick to get my calendar/life organized right now. We got this free desk calendar from our bank. I have previously been printing up a monthly calendar to go in our family organizer. Troy thought it would be good to place the calendar on our desk in the kitchen and it would be easier to add & notice what was going on. I liked that idea but then we all started writing on it. That's when it got ugly. Literally. I don't like my handwriting and unless I slow down or have lines to help- it is really not nice looking. So I spent a good portion of my evening transferring over the text boxes from my small calendar to a word document. Maybe not my best use of time, but the results made me feel much better. Plus you now you can actually read what's going on. The new rule is to write on it only in pencil. Important additions might even get printed up on a small label and slapped over the handwritten version. Next month it will be a breeze as I saved everything and I can just make adjustments in Word. Too bad it has the ugly bank info on the sides. In a couple of months when my life is completely organized and I am just sitting back twiddling my thumbs, maybe I will alter more of the calendar with pictures and or cute clip art.

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