Friday, January 05, 2007

Some is better than nothing

Ok, I am really hoping that this post makes sense. Genna was up a lot last night with a high fever and despite my sweet husband getting the boys off to school for my this morning, I am still feeling a little fuzzy.

But I am excited to participate in the Lazy Organizer's Smart Habit Saturday. I, of course, have huge plans for this year. I really like what Lara said about setting smaller goals that will help form habits. I am usually always gung ho in January. I grew up setting goals and we traditionally held a FHE about goal setting every year- just like we do now with our kids. One of my biggest challenges for myself is to make sure I keep going past summer vacation, past holidays, sicknesses, and all those things that throw “normal” day to day life a little out of whack.

So, one way I hope will ensure that I can follow through on my plans for the year is to set monthly goals right now. Each month will focus on a different area. I won't be burned out on organizing in February because I am not focusing on it until April. January’s focus is on Physical Fitness. That's not to say I won't have small challenges for myself in other areas.

I stopped working out last June and haven’t picked up an exercise DVD until this week. Well, and once I went on vacation and lived it up, it was really hard to back to eating right. After all Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were coming. Unforunately, I am not one of those people who can eat whatever they want without paying a price.

I am finally at the point where I am disgusted with the price I paid to eat whatever I wanted. I really want my good fitness goals to be lifelong habits. I want to get to January next year feeling really great about my efforts. So I am really trying to make do-able goals so they become habits. I am also going to put into place a plan to combat the bumps that come with different routine changes.

So the habits I am working on this week:
I will drink at least 64oz. of water a day
I will exercise 3 times(I’ve already done 2)
I will not eat after dinner

In a lot of areas in my life, I am an all or nothing kind of a person. I hate to scrapbook unless I have every single item I own around me. I like to clean the whole house at once or it just doesn’t feel done to me. In the past I have done South Beach and other versions where I completely give up sugar and processed carbs. I am trying to change my thinking to be that some is better than nothing. Normally at this time of year I would have expected to be a picture of fitness perfection. This week I decided it was ok to just do my 15 minute Walk Away the Pounds DVD. Like I said, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I was working on a big scout training thing today- so it would have been so easy to just not exercise today. I read once that you should exercise first thing in the morning or late at night-at a point where you haven’t eaten for 3 hours. The new me today said, it was maybe not going to physically be optimum for me to workout at 2:30 pm, but it was going to be helpful for the working out every weekday habit that I would like to work up to.

Next week in addition to the things I am doing this week, I will try and make healthier eating choices and add one more day of exercise.

Is this going to get me to my weight loss goal as quickly as other methods? Probably not, but I truly hope that I will develop life long habits of eating healthy and exercising.

Wow, I sure have rambled a lot and I apologize. I was even going to talk about some little things I decided to do in other areas that will be my main focus in months to come, but I’ll save those for another day.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Great attitude Kristi! Instead of waiting till you can do it perfectly, just get it done!

I need a couple videos so I can workout when my baby is too sick to go to the gym. Which ones do you like?

Sarah said...

Wandered over from the Lazy Organizer. You do have a great attitude. I just started a regular fitness series at my blog and that will be one of my mantras: ANYTHING is better than nothing. Most people see it your way, though -- all or nothing.

Jen said...

My habit this month is fitness too. I've read somewhere that even 15 minutes a day of exercise will give you results, so keep it up. Good luck with your efforts!

Kristi said...

Wow, thanks for all the encouraging words!!!

Lara- my favorites are the Firm and Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds.

Kara said...

Great goal! I think I'll work on fitness next month, I just can never get motivated. And drinking water is soo good for you too :)

Jen said...

Kristi~ You asked about shows on Fit TV. I have only done Gilad, Caribbean Workout and All Star Workouts. I like All Star Workouts the best because the aren't too challenging, but at the same time you do get a pretty decent workout. I really want to try Namaste Yoga--better add it to my Tivo.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Some is definitely better than nothing.

To help me remember to drink all of my water, I use a really big glass and a pitcher of water. That way, when the pitcher of water is gone, I know my goal is met.

Good luck!

wendysue said...

Hi Kristi! I found you from Kori's site (Tour De Life). . .fun to catch up with a familar face. Cute pictures and fun blog!

The Lynn/Coon Family said...

You have a great attitude and I am cheering for you! Keep working at it and it will get easier and easier!

Amy B. said...

good for you Kristi! I'm proud of you. I love that you've chosen areas of your life to focus on each month. that's a great idea.

On the Journey to Victory said...

I like your goals. I have the same goals and need to drink more water, but I am posting about organization.

I enjoyed your post and wishing you luck on your goals.

I posted mine late.